Are you accepting new graduate students into the lab?

I am aiming to maintain a small and close-knit lab group.  I may consider a very small number of prospective students this year.


Are you accepting new undergraduate students into the lab?

Yes, we welcome inquiries from highly motivated undergraduates with interests in molecular biology, chemical ecology, plant pathology, or entomology!

If you are considering a career in science, gaining research experience early will give you an excellent opportunity to develop your scientific interests and skills. I believe that undergraduates should be full participants in the intellectual community of the lab, with ample opportunities to develop as independent scientists. Undergraduate students will be invited to collaborate on research projects in the lab, and to develop their own research projects as their interests develop.


Are there opportunities for postdoctoral fellows in your lab?

Yes, I will occasionally consider bringing postdoctoral fellows on board. I would encourage prospective postdoctoral candidates to contact me directly in order to discuss their research interests, and potential avenues for joining the lab.