Casteel Clare

Clare Casteel

Assistant Professor

Office Phone:  530-752-6897
Lab Phone: 530-754-5500
Office Location: 258 Hutchison
Lab Location: 263 Hutchison



B.S. University of Missouri. Columbia 2003 Biology

M.S. University of California, Riverside 2005 Entomology

Ph.D. University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana 2010 Plant Biology


Area of Specialization

Molecular biology, chemical ecology, genetics, genomics and biochemistry; plant-vector interactions; plant-microbe-interactions; plant-insect-interactions; plant signaling and defense; global change



The primary research goal of the Casteel lab is to identify the functions of microbes in plant-insect interactions and elucidate the key molecular mechanisms responsible for these relationships. Current focus of the lab is on the molecular genetics of plant signaling and defense in response to insect vectors and the pathogens they transmit. We use a combination of molecular biology, genetics, genomics and biochemistry together with field and laboratory trials to elucidate molecular mechanisms underlying ecologically important relationships. We are currently using Arabidopsis and tomato to (1) determine the impact of individual viral proteins on plant-aphid interactions (2) investigate host targets of viral proteins responsible for producing the host plant phenotype and extended phenotype in the insect vector (3) decipher the early signaling events and the mechanisms of plant resistance that occur during pathogen transmission by insect herbivores and (4) establish how the elements of global change will affect the functions of microbes in plant-insect interactions.