Nyd Sertsuvalkul

Plant Biology, Ph.D., expected 2020

I am originally from Bangkok, Thailand. I received my B.S. in Plant Biology from North Carolina State University, where I found my deep passion in understanding plant responses to stress. As an undergraduate student, I worked in Dr.Terri Long lab to study iron homeostasis pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana, a model organism for plants, and characterized some key regulators. Currently, I have joined Dr.Casteel lab as a graduate student from Plant Biology Graduate Group at UC Davis. My focus in the lab is to elucidate interactions among plant-virus-insect: specifically pea enation mosaic virus and turnip mosaic virus. Besides working in the lab, I enjoy trying different sports and travelling. If you cannot find me in the lab, I will probably be somewhere outside of Davis.



MacKenzie Patton

Plant Pathology, Ph.D., expected 2019

I am from Dallas, Texas. I received my bachelors in Biology at University of Texas at Tyler, where I worked for a molecular entomologist. There I worked with Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum, the causal agent of Zebra chip disease in potatoes, and the population genetics of Bagrada hilaris, a recently introduced pest of the Brassicaceae family. As a freshman, I feel in love with plants and have since become fascinated with the plant-pathogen interactions. I will have started as a PhD grad student in the Plant Pathology Department at UC Davis in fall 2015, where I hope to elucidate mechanisms involved in plant-pathogen interactions.

Noah Gardner

Plant Pathology, Ph. D., expected 2020

Bio coming soon!